Shelby Irie Stephens is a spiritual practitioner and native Pacific Northwestern. After several years as a premier athlete, she refocused that same drive toward bringing Eugene/Springfield the best quality crystals and tools of mysticism at prices that were accessible to all. She now has driven her clientele to positive change every day, be it through her spiritual services, crystals, entertaining TikToks, candles, etc.


Shelby spends her days trying to be the change she wants to see in the world and knowing that Oregon is only the first stop. As a mother of one and healer of many, she knows her goal is to reach as many as she can with her message of light all while being incredibly grounded and authentic. She has reached a state of spiritual sustainability in being honest and genuine.


For now, Shelby plans on focusing all her energy toward being the best mom, creative, healer and a Mystic Mogel.